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We are Akubu, a young company in the area of digitalization and software development. We asked ourselves why many companies are so keen on digitization, but continue to have thousands of paper business cards printed every year, which end up in the trash shortly after; because the recipients lose them or throw them away, or because the printed data is no longer up-to-date. – That’s why our cards are smart!

„The very first use of my LinkU card impressed me and my counterparts. Everyone was talking about the new card and about me. Now that’s what makes networking fun!“

Merlin Roth

Technical Managing Director, Web Developer

„My cell phone is my communication hub – I use it to pay, organize my life and manage all my contact data. With LinkU, I can save new contacts directly to my address book instead of tediously typing them in.“

Katja Uhde

Online Marketing and Content Manager

“The important thing about a business card is not the card itself, but the information conveyed on it. And it has to find its way into the recipient’s digital address book in the most convenient manner possible.“

Matthias Bröcker

UI/UX Designer, Frontend Developer

„What excites me about LinkU is that it makes me feel like a trailblazer. Understanding the opportunities that this digital business card offers always makes me happy.“

Philipp Kochan

Operative Managing Director, Project Manager

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