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Innovative external image with the digital business card – transmit more than just your contact details. With a single scan of the QR code, the digital business card is opened on a smartphone and can be saved as a contact. The contents of the business card can be edited at any time and, in addition to your contact data, can also contain links to the company website, social media profiles, product catalogs or sample projects.

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QR code

The digital business card is opened in the browser by scanning the QR code. The QR code can be flexibly integrated on the smartphone, e.g., on the lock screen, on virtual backgrounds or on print products.

Update your digital business card

Your position in the company or your contact details have changed? This is no longer a problem! Just update the data in your LinkU account and your digital business card will always be up-to-date.

Save contact data to the address book

Entering data manually is tedious and error-prone. From now on, your contact data can be transferred to another person’s address book with a single click – quickly and reliably.

Check out an example of your digital business card!

Interactive contact exchange

Using a form field in your digital business card, other persons can send their contact data to you. You can view and export the collected contact data via your LinkU account.

Customized design

Create your very own digital business card with your corporate design, logo and profile picture. Choose from many different designs to find the perfect match for your digital business card.

More than just a business card

The digital business card contains more than just contact details. In addition to social media profiles, links and files, your appointment booking tool can also be integrated. In addition, two custom fields are available in which, for example, a product catalog can be embedded.

Your benefits with LinkU

You are a trailblazer

A LinkU business card will make you a digital trailblazer at any event. This way, you and your company will surely be remembered.

Always up-to-date

Your contact information will never be outdated! Once saved, your counterpart can always access the latest version of your digital business card.

Flexible use

Your digital business card is always with you – on your smartphone, in your social media profile, in a pitch, on print media …


Digital business card

Now for free!
  • 1 NFC/QR business card
  • QR code download
  • Interactive contact sharing
  • Custom design
  • Analytics software
  • Interfaces

NFC/QR card

  • 1 NFC/QR business card
  • 1 Digital business card
  • No monthly fees
  • Analytics software
  • Interfaces



  • Central profile administration
  • Individual rights and roles
  • Analytics software
  • CRM integration
  • Trade fair edition
  • Personalized software adjustments

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* Prices do not include VAT

FAQ – Digital business card

  • No, we do not index the micro website of your digital business card on Google or other search engines. This means your digital business card can only be accessed via your individual link.

    However, if you share your link yourself on the internet (e.g. on social networks), then your digital business card can be found.

  • You can edit the data and appearance of your digital business card with just a few clicks in your LinkU profile. Simply log in on your computer or smartphone at As soon as you make a change, it is applied in real time.

  • No, because your digital business card is like your personal micro-website. It can be accessed by anyone via your individual link on your smartphone or computer. You can share your digital business card with your counterpart via QR code, link or our NFC business cards.

  • To create your personal digital business card, log in to your LinkU profile on our website after completing the order process. Once you are logged in, you can fill in the desired information and optionally upload a logo and profile picture.

  • The digital business card by LinkU acts like your personal micro website. Here you can store all your contact details as well as a profile picture, a logo and other additional information (links and documents).

    The digital business card can be opened from any smartphone and computer in a browser and the contact data can be saved directly in the address book.

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