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For companies, we offer both the digital business card and the NFC business card with QR code in enterprise solutions. The LinkU business cards bring your company another step closer to digitalization and environmental protection. In addition to a modern external image, you will benefit from cost and resource savings throughout the company.

Ready to equip your business with digital business cards?

„My cell phone is my communication hub – I use it to pay, organize my life and manage all my contact data. With LinkU, I can save new contacts directly to my address book instead of tediously typing them in.“

Katja Uhde

Online Marketing and Content Manager

„What excites me about LinkU is that it makes me feel like a trailblazer. Understanding the opportunities that this digital business card offers always makes me happy.“

Philipp Kochan

Operative Managing Director, Project Manager


Central profile administration

Administration allows administrators to centrally edit and create employee profiles. Employee data can be imported collectively via CSV import.

Individual rights and roles

Do you want employees to have access to individual components of their digital business card? Employees can be authorized to edit specific fields of their digital business card themselves using granular rights and roles.

Data security

Our servers are located in Germany and meet all data protection requirements (TLS encryption, etc.). Your company is provided with its own server environment. In principle, the digital business cards are publicly accessible, but only via an encrypted link. Unauthorized access is mathematically impossible thanks to 36 alphanumeric characters.

Corporate design

All business cards – both the physical NFC card and the digital business card – are styled by our designer in your corporate design. Besides the corporate colors, the logo can be used on both business cards.

Flexible use

Access via QR code enables a highly versatile use of your digital business card. The QR code can be flexibly integrated on a smartphone, e.g., on the lock screen, on virtual backgrounds or on print products.

Custom domain

All digital cards of your company can be stored on your custom company domain using an associated subdomain (e.g., “cards”).

Your benefits with LinkU

Optimize opportunities

The chances of converting leads increase significantly as a contact is stored securely with a wide range of additional information.

Sustainable networking

Your company’s digital business card combines digitization and sustainability. From now on, you are a trailblazer in your industry.

You will impress

The LinkU business card is not only convenient, but also fascinates your counterpart. The wow factor ensures that the company will be remembered.


Digital business card

Now for free!
  • 1 NFC/QR business card
  • QR code download
  • Interactive contact sharing
  • Custom design
  • Analytics software
  • Interfaces

NFC/QR card

  • 1 NFC/QR business card
  • 1 Digital business card
  • No monthly fees
  • Analytics software
  • Interfaces



  • Central profile administration
  • Individual rights and roles
  • Analytics software
  • CRM integration
  • Trade fair edition
  • Personalized software adjustments

Upon request

* Prices do not include VAT

FAQ – Digital business card for companies

  • The digital business card by LinkU acts like your personal mini-website. Here you can store all your contact details as well as a profile picture, a logo, social media profiles and other additional materials (links and documents).

    Your digital business card can be opened from any smartphone or computer using a browser, and the contact data can be saved directly in any address book.

  • Switching from paper business cards to digital business cards is an investment that pays off. Instead of frequent printing costs associated with recurring orders and data changes, the company pays a one-time setup fee for its own administration environment and a small monthly fee per digital business card.

  • LinkU Enterprise contains the same features as the digital business card, but the company obtains its own environment in which their digital business cards are created. Only in this kind of environment the described Enterprise features are possible: template, central administration, rights and roles, custom URL, …

  • The company can grant employees varying levels of access to the content on their digital business cards.

    1. The content is maintained completely centrally by one department (HR/Marketing).
    2. Employees have editing rights for selected data fields - e.g. for their profile picture and they can enter links to their own social media. However, the remaining data fields can only be changed by the company.
    3. Employees have full access to their digital business card.
  • Digital business cards offer significant advantages over traditional paper business cards, both in terms of use and administration. As a company, you can provide significantly more information than just contact details using a digital business card.

    In addition, the central profile administration allows you to control the contents of the cards centrally or you can define specific areas that can be edited by the employees.

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